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Why should high-grade fabrics be mercerized?

Mercerization is a process in which cotton products (yarns, fabrics) are treated with concentrated caustic soda solution under tension and then washed away under tension.After treatment, the roundness of the fiber increases, the surface smoothness and optical properties are improved, and the reflected light intensity is increased, too.

Why cotton and its blends need to be mercerized?
Cotton fiber products have long been popular with people because of their good hygroscopic properties, soft feel and comfortable touch when contacting with human body.However, raw cotton fabrics are prone to shrinkage, wrinkling and poor dyeing effect. Mercerization can improve the defects of cotton products.

1. Can improve fabric quality
Cotton and its blends, such as t-shirts, button shirts, jackets and skirts, have obvious differences in appearance and feel.The appearance of mercerized products shows a texture like cotton or silk.Feel soft and comfortable;Full color, attractive luster.

2.It can improve the dyeing property of fabric
Most dyeing or printing of cotton cloth adopts reactive dye dyeing process. After mercerization, physical and chemical changes occur in cotton fiber, which can greatly increase the quantity of reactive dye and save dyeing materials.In the production of dark products, especially black, dark blue, dark green, coffee and other must choose mercerization treatment, to produce high quality products.

3.It can increase the moisture absorption and elasticity of the fabric
After fabric mercerization, hygroscopicity and elasticity increase obviously, it is the first optional fabric for sports wear such as vest and sweater.

Changes in cotton after mercerization
Structure performance
1. The cross section of pure cotton is the shape of cashew, mercerized cotton cross section for the circle.
2. Pure cotton has natural distortion, mercerized cotton surface wrinkles disappear, become smooth.

Physical properties of
(1)Mercerized cotton luster than pure cotton (after mercerized surface smooth, less diffuse reflection of light);
(2)Mercerized cotton strength is higher than pure cotton (natural distortion disappears, fiber arrangement is tight, cohesion increases);
(3)Mercerized cotton size stability is better than pure cotton (cellulose molecules rearrangement, the original internal stress elimination).
Chemical properties
(1)Mercerized cotton increased reactivity (amorphous region increased, hydroxyl with the rotation of the main valence bond and from unreachable into accessible);
(2)Mercerized cotton water, iodine, barium hydroxide and dye adsorption capacity than pure cotton.

Types of mercerized cotton

According to the different mercerizing objects, mercerized cotton can be generally divided into yarn mercerizing, fabric mercerizing and double mercerizing.
Yarn mercerizing: refers to a special kind of cotton yarn that has both the original characteristics of cotton and the general luster of silk after high concentration of caustic soda or liquid ammonia treatment under the condition of tension.
Fabric mercerization: it refers to the cotton fabric under the condition of tension, through high concentration caustic soda or liquid ammonia treatment, to make the fabric gloss better, more crisp, better shape preserving.
Double mercerizing refers to use after mercerized cotton yarn woven fabric, then the fabric mercerizing, fully in the cotton fiber in strong alkali and irreversible swelling, after processing the fabric surface is bright and clean, with a silky luster, and strength, pilling resistance, dimensional stability, etc all have varying degrees of increase.

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